Environmental & Technical Services are pleased to inform you that the Flower® series chambers is now available to -70°C.

The new Flower® climatic chamber is the product of Angelantoni Industries research and is a truly innovative step forward in the field of climatic test chambers. Environmental protection and preservation are amongst the highest priorities for companies adhering to ISO14001 certification. In keeping the faith with sustainability policies ACS has been conducting research and development related to reducing energy consumption and the ecological footprint of their systems.

With the use of recyclable and environmentally friendly materials including packaging, paint, and insulation, the flower series is the first result of this research, a truly unique and innovative product in the field of climatic test chambers.

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Energy saving

In most tests, at steady state conditions, the compressor turns at half the speed of conventional chambers with a proportional reduction of energy consumption.

Pollution reduction

The engineers at ACS have managed to reduce the carbon dioxide emission levels to 800 g per Kwh produced.

Volume /
250 600 1200
Flower® 1500 W 2200 W 3300 W
Conventional 2500 W 3900 W 5400 W

Performance increase

Temperature rate [°C/min] in the range +180°C ~ -40°C measured according to IEC 60068-3-5.

The performances of the Flower® range are very similar to conventional ranges if the cold sink is not used.

Volume /
250 600 1200
Flower® 6 8 7
Conventional 3.5 4 4

Noise reduction

The compressor and the ventilators are the main sources of noise in a climatic chamber, when the maximum cooling rate is required, the noise levels of the flower chambers are the same as the conventional one. In a steady state condition and when the speed of the compressor and ventilators go at minimum, noise levels of the compressor reduce significantly.

(This data is related to steady state conditions)

Volume /
250 600 1200
Flower® 54 57 60
Conventional 59 64 65

Environmental impact reduction

The reduction of energy consumption means the reduction of emissions of carbon dioxide.

The thermal insulation with rock wool replaces the use of polyurethane.

All the above helps to reduce the environmental impact and to let us live in a cleaner world.