Environmental protection and preservation are among the highest priorities for Angelantoni Industrie. They have been conducting research and development related to reduce energy consumption and to use ecological and recyclable materials in order to develop products that reduce environmental damages at all stages of the product lifecycles.

The new chamber called Flower® is the first result of this research, a truly innovative product in the field of climatic test chambers.

Reduced Energy Consumption

About 50% reduction of energy consumption can be assured during the stabilization phases due to a unique and patent pending system such as:

  • An inverter that controls compressor speed and allows the adaptation of compressor power to different working needs
  • A heat sink to increase the cooling efficiency

Reduced Noise Level

20% noise reduction is obtained due to:

These advantages are combined with the use of environmentally friendly materials during production phases:

Flower® 250 Technical Features

The chamber humidification system needs normal tap water (no distilled water required).