As a follow up on our August 2023 feature, where we offered a DM1200C climatic test chamber for immediate delivery, we can now extend that offer to a number of other test chambers from ACS.

The following chambers can be delivered before the end of this year:

  • DY 110
  • DY 200
  • DY 200 C
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  • All the chambers in the DY range are equipped with the powerful KeyKratos Plus touchscreen control system, based on PID control through PLC.

  • DM340C
  • DM600
  • DM600C
  • DM600ES
  • DM600C ES
  • DM1200C
  • DM1600
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  • Equipped with the MyKratos control system as well as the MyAngel24 Interactive Support System, the above chambers in the DM range also feature the ACS Smart Cooling Kit.

There is more!:

The chambers below are ready to be shipped from the ACS factory now: