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ACS Benchtop Chambers with 60, 110 and 200 l capacity can provide a temperature range from -40 to +180°C or -70 to +180°C. The 16 l model is available only with-35/+130°C temperature range.

110 and 200 l models are available also with humidity range from 10% RH to 95% RH.

All the models only require a single-phase electrical supply, except for the 200 l model.

Potential-free contact for switching-off test specimens, UV lamp and additional shelves are available as options for 110 and 200 l models.

16, 60 and 110 l chambers can easily sit on a laboratory benchtop and the 110 l model can be supplied with an optional supporting table with wheels .

Multi-chamber remote control is available as option together with WinKratos S/W.

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These test chambers are equipped with the powerful KeyKratos Plus touchscreen control system, based on PID control through PLC, having the following advanced features:

  • Memory capacity to 1000 cycles with 350 segments
  • Unlimited real time recording of temperature and humidity versus time (LOG)
  • Recordings in CSV format (Comma Separated Value) for easy export to Excel® (only for 110 and 200 l) via USB interface placed on the front panel (program files are easily convertible into graphic format)
  • Messages on scheduled maintenance activities
  • A trend chart for recorded variables available with a scale from -100/+200
  • Synoptic graphs for the chamber, low stage refrigeration and high stage refrigeration