ETS have been working with ACS since 1997

ACS is the main brand of Angelantoni Test Technologies, one of the Angelantoni Industries Group companies.

With its 3 production plants in Italy and 4 foreign sales and service branches, Angelantoni Test Technologies is one of the world leaders in the manufacture of simulated environmental test chambers


To accelerate the transition to a safer and more sustainable future by providing our customers with the most innovative and far-ranging environmental testing solutions.


To support the development and reliability process of our customers through a flexible approach and with highly efficient, accurate and advanced environmental test products and services.


Angelantoni Test Technologies' customers include the leading companies in the automotive aerospace, defence, and electronics industries. Thousands of customers throughout the work have chosen ACS products to quip their laboratories, inside of which cars, trains, aircrafts, satellites, telephones, and a whole variety of products are tested in the most suitable, precise, thorough, and efficient manner. More quality and greater reliability, less waste and fewer breakdowns and downtime for better environmental sustainability.

Sales Network

The ACS brand is strongly established in Europe and in the far East, through its subsidiaries and the widespread sales and service network in over 40 countries. It is known for its high-level technical expertise and its skilful support in customized projects/products.