Ref. No. 1006
Internal Dimensions 1000 x 1130 x 953mm (WxDxH)
External Dimensions 1278 x 2222 x 3211mm (WxDxH)
Temperature Range -70°C to +180°C with plugs
-50°C to +150°C with hoses
Rate of Change 5.4°C/min in the range -70°C to +180°C
4.5°C/min in the range +180°C to -70°C
Power Supply 400V / 3 phase / 32 Amps + N + E
Port Holes 1 x 80mm dia Left Hand Side
Humidity Range 10% to 95% RH with plugs
20% to 80% RH with hoses

The with air treatment units make it possible to carry out climatic and thermostatic tests in all those cases in which the dimensions of the DUT (device under test) are such as to prevent its being moved or inserted in a standard test compartment. Therefore an external box acts as the test compartment.

The climatic chamber has a fan for air recirculation, suctioning the air from the test compartment and sending it to the external box. The flexible ducts allow great flexibility in the positioning of the external box, and they are insulated to ensure excellent performance.

The chamber can operate both in stand-alone mode, in which the chamber works independently with relative temperature and humidity control, and in remote box mode, in which the chamber acts as an air treatment generator.