ATT, a company of the Angelantoni Group, is one of the official sponsors of the 2nd China Aviation Industry Summit, taking place in Shanghai on Dec. 12-14 2012.

ATT will illustrate to Chinese companies its ability to provide innovative solutions for testing applications, sphere of activity that occupies a particularly strategic position in the aviation/aerospace industry, thanks also to its direct presence in China by AMEC, a company fully owned by ATT and localized in Beijing.

The event is supported by:

According to the high-end equipment manufacturing industry 12th Five-Year development plan, it is required that to 2015, in the area of aviation equipment, large to finish first flight of passenger aircraft, to achieve sales of 100 Regional jet aircraft, to build capacity for sustainable development of the aviation industry. The reason for making the above requirements is that the demand for aircraft has made sharp contrast to the weak aircraft industry over the years. Under this background, China Aviation Industry Summit 2012 will be organized by Shanghai Society of Aeronautics on 12th-14th December, 2012 in Shanghai.

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