I guess if you have arrived on this feature you have been given the job of looking into purchasing an environmental chamber. It maybe because your company has manufactured / developed a product that needs testing before it goes in to the market. It maybe that you now rent an environmental chamber at present and have decided to buy your own one so that you can test your products yourself in-house. Whatever the reason this feature will give you the advice you need.

Most suppliers will ask you what your testing requirement is before they quote for your chamber.

Once you know what you want from your environmental chamber you will now need to consider the price and quality. When you compare quotes make sure that you compare them like for like. Some Chamber supplier's quotes may seem really cheap compared to others but be careful check out what they are including.

Some suppliers include software, warranties maybe different and check what the warranty includes.

With the World Wide Web now many companies can sell Chambers, these suppliers may not have premises in the UK they may just work from home. So what happens then if you have a problem with your Climatic Chamber?

Make sure that whomever you buy a chamber from that they have a service department with service engineers on the road and that they are a reputable company. I recommend you visit their premises! If they are reluctant to let you visit - ask yourself why?

At ETS we welcome any visitors any time. ETS have the largest Hire Chamber Stock in the UK which gives customers the chance to try before you buy - special hire discounts are available on request.

If you would like a quotation or wish to visit ETS please contact us on 01992 899440 or enquiries@ets.co.uk. Alternatively we would be happy to visit your premises.