Quality and performance are continually put to the test, from the warmest to the coldest climates, from the effect of corrosive agents to stresses during packaging, transport, and storage. These factors could lead to breakage, failures, or a reduction in product life. ACS Climatic Chambers are designed to support our customers in the development of a product that performs at its full potential.

The Compact Line of ACS Climatic and Thermostatic Chambers combines performance and flexibility. Their limited size and ability to do climatic and thermostatic tests makes them the ideal solution for those who do not have enough space for a large test laboratory. The carrying out of climatic and thermostatic tests helps to reveal potential defects before the specimen passes into production, ensuring:

With ACS Compact Chambers it is possible to carry out both climatic and thermostatic tests. These are benchtop chambers that offer high performance in small spaces.

A compact climatic chamber for use in R&D departments that need to test small components and limited size products.


The Compact Test Chambers are equipped with the powerful KeyKratos Plus touchscreen control system, based on PID control through PLC, having the following advanced features:

Multi-chamber remote control is available as option together with WinKratos S/W.