ETS recognizes that many customers have one-time testing requirements or maybe an overload of testing that their facilities can not cope with. With that in mind we are pleased to be able to offer you a testing facility at our premises in Nazeing.

We can offer on site testing which includes temperature testing from -80°C to 250°C humidity testing from 10%RH to 98%RH and thermal shock tests from -70°C to 180°C with change over times between 5 and 60 seconds. This is achieved by transferring the product between hot and cold temperature zones automatically. In fact any of our chambers that we have available for rent can be used at our facilities for you're testing.

Examples of enquires for testing:

Please supply a quotation for a chamber that can perform around 2300 cycles from -15°C to 50°C to validate the design of spectacles that the company designs. The unit will have to accommodate 4 trays of 39.2mm x 39mm in dimensions. Ideally we are looking for cooling systems which does not require a source of liquid N2 or CO2.

Quoted - Chamber 1021 is mechanically cooled and will do the cycle you require. We can sort out mounting the 4 shelves of product in the chamber. The chamber is mechanically cooled so all you require is a 13 amp socket.

Please supply a quotation for a humidity chamber to perform a test over 30 day exposure at 70°C and 85%RH.

Quoted - Chambers 1011and 1014.

We will be pleased to discuss your requirements and advise on suitable facilities if required. Test facilities maybe delivered to your factory or operated at our premises. For testing at our premises we can provide data logging facilities which can be sent to you on a periodic basis depending on your test duration.

Please contact Trevor Leake for more information.