The Micro PLC (MPLC) at the heart of the control system in the Challenge Chamber is now obsolete and no direct replacement is available from the manufacturer Angelantoni (ACS).

ACS does offer an upgrade path which involves replacing the MPLC and the operator interface along with some wiring modifications.

The cost of this option is £7,900.00 + VAT.

As an alternative, ETS have engineered a kit to enable a simple upgrade to be carried out using UK manufactured Eurotherm control products.

The kit comprises:

The ETS-Eurotherm upgrade provides many advantages:

Cost Temperature only Chamber £4,250.00 + VAT **

Cost of Temperature and Humidity Chamber £4,950.00 + VAT **

Additionally ETS can supply specifically configured software based on Eurotherm's ITOOLS to Program, Monitor and Datalog chamber parameters. Screenshots follow on next page.

Cost of Software option including Ethernet or RS232 Comms £600.00 + VAT

For more information contact David Kinchin, 01992 899440,

*Maximum of 5 Set-Points of Temperature and 4 of Temperature/Humidity

** Excluded from the costs above are any unrelated faulty components found during upgrade

ETS Configured ITOOLS Software Screen Views

Pre-Configured user interface for simple operation

Set-Point Program Editor

Simple and clear Program Status and Control Screen

Detailed Chart View of Temperature and Humidity and desired set-points