• Wider product range
  • New Design to improve industrialisation
  • Optimized footprint thanks to refrigeration units

Main features

Anyvib allows an easy interface with various types of shakers:

  • Vertical movement of test chamber
  • Horizontal movement (optional, manual or automatic)
  • Removable floor

Wider product range

Model names (example):

AV600 5 = Climatic Vibration Chamber 6001, +180°C to -40°C, 5°C/min

AV 600 TC 5 = Thermostatic Vibration Chamber 6001, +180°C to -70°C, 5°C/min

Automatic up-down system

New robust design to improve industrialisation

  • New carbon steel frame (stiffer)
  • +180°C steel floor with double silicone gasket and cover plug supplied
  • More care about details

Optimised footprint thanks to new refrigeration units

Thanks to new standard refrigeration modules, it has been possible to design a more compact chamber, mainly for 600 and 1200 litre models.

ACS are confident that they have reached the best compromise in terms of footprint/maintenance needs.

Footprint (m²)

Model Current New Delta%
AV600 5 4.6 4.0 -13%
AV600 C 5 4.6 4.0 -13%
AV600 C 10 5.0 4.0 -19%
AV600 C 15 5.0 4.0 -19%
AV1200 5 5.7 5.3 -7%
AV1200 C 5 5.7 5.3 -7%
AV1200 C 10 5.7 5.3 -7%
AV1200 C 10 7.3 5.3 -27%

Example of footprint evolution

  • Slightly longer, but 500mm narrower
  • Larger electric cabinet, 200mm more
  • Improved maintenance access

Price evolution

Lean management of portholes

Same procedure of Discovery Chambers, with a matrix of possible positions among which to choose in ordering phase.

Lean management of vertical vibration floor

As defined set of standard floor with different hole diameters available on the basic configuration of the chamber.

If not specified contextually to the order, the largest hole diameter will be supplied.

Standard available floor

Chamber Hole diameter Note Head extenter 140mm (h)
600 Ø360mm   Ø180 or 240mm
Ø480mm   Ø340mm
Ø580mm Default option unless otherwise specified Ø440mm
1200 Ø480mm   Ø340mm
Ø580mm   Ø440mm
Ø780mm   Ø440 or 640mm
Ø900mm Default option unless otherwise specified  
2200 Ø580mm   Ø440mm
Ø780mm   Ø580 or 640mm
Ø980mm   Ø840mm
Ø1200mm Default option unless otherwise specified  

For extreme temperatures


Floor with suitable hole according to table

+ Head Extender with Thermal Barrier

+ 2 Silicone Gaskets (supplied by ACS)

Cost effective solution


Floor with suitable hole

+ 20mm Thermal Barrier

+ 1 Silicone Gaskets (supplied by ACS)

Price evolution

  • Only one option of price list of each chamber, with largest square hole (540 x 540mm on 600L, 880 x 880mm on 1200L and 2200L
  • Double Silicone Gasket System

On request

Special Hole Dimension and Coupling System