The MRTP thermal platform systems rely upon a closed loop mechanical refrigeration cooling system. This eliminates the need for expendable refrigerants such as liquid nitrogen and liquid carbon dioxide. Eliminating the non-reusable refrigerants also eliminates the purchasing cost and handling expenses, not to mention the associated icing and water condensation.

The MRTP utilizes an efficient mechanical refrigeration system that re-circulates the refrigerant in a closed loop system. Only environmentally friendly zero-ozone depleting refrigerants are used. Proprietary design features provide fast ramp rates with efficient heat removal. The system is portable and a single AC outlet is all that is needed to operate it. The system normally uses an air-cooled condenser, which rejects a certain amount of heat into the room. If a water cooling source is available, the system can operate with a water-cooled condenser. If many systems will operate in the same room a water cooling circuit should be considered to remove the heat rejected by the refrigeration cycle.

There are two types of MRTP systems. The first type is called single stage and uses one refrigeration loop to cool the thermal platform. The second type called cascade uses two refrigeration loops in series enabling the temperature of the thermal plate to be as low as -65°C.

Depending on the use or the space intended for the MRTP, two configurations are available. A flexible umbilical connects the thermal platform to the chiller cabinet or the platform is attached to the front of the cabinet and integrated into a work shelf.

To address special requirements ETS. We can offer several Accessories for its MRTP systems. Accessories are available such as a polycarbonate cover, an adapter plate, a hold down clamp, a clam shell dry-box desiccator, a low pressure nitrogen purge kit and a high pressure nitrogen purge kit.

Several standard sizes for the thermal plate are available. Contact Sharon Leake for further details.