One of the priorities for homeland security is the prevention of incidents (i.e. terrorist actions, destructive natural events) with a view to reducing the impacts they may have on national security. This means that countries must be able to collect data rapidly from various sources and process it into actionable intelligence. It also means they must develop plans to protect critical infrastructure and have the current and accurate global information necessary for understanding trends and protection needs. This information enables homeland security services to be able to visualize the situation and quickly identify the necessary actions to be taken.

The resulting information is derived from several different environments, mainly from the atmosphere and land. These environments are usually then divided into three main focus areas: surveillance of the territory through satellites, deterrence by airborne vehicles of navy, action by land forces. The high reliability and the perfect functioning of the tools included in this chain and therefore indispensable prerequisites. Preventative inspection and testing of these materials is highly recommended to ensure the security of the system. Over many years various test specifications have been developed in support of these activities, with particular focus on the wide range of environments in which the equipment may be used, for example MIL-STD, ECSS, NASA, DEF STAN, STANAG, RTCA-DO, ITOP, etc.

Angelantoni, through the experience and knowledge it has acquired over five decades, is able to offer customers in this market area a wide range of testing solutions suitable for any method of the main standards, thus enabling our customers to be fully confident that the equipment they purchase to perform these crucial tests is supported by a supplier with an in-depth knowledge of industry specifications and test procedures.