CST130 S and CST320 S
IEC 68-2-14

The concept

The Flapper design introduces a new concept of thermal shock which can dramatically improve the space crowded situation of many testing laboratories.

The specimen is fixed in its position and the chamber is connected alternatively to hot and cold chambers. This technical solution, capable to perform as a standard thermal shock, not only saves mechanisms, power and size but also allows you to perform environmental stress screening tests and conventional thermal cycles.

This design eliminates the problem of having to worry about cables that may need to travel with your test items. Since the unit under test stays in place it is easy to connect any wiring or sensors necessary to verify your test results.

Dual use

Further to the traditional thermal shock the chamber can be used for standard temperature testing. Considering the performance offered by the machine it means that environmental stress screening tests can be run using a much cheaper chamber, saving energy and space.

External dimensions 1400 x 1780 x 1950mm (WxDxH)
Internal dimensions 580 x 510 x 420mm (WxDxH)
Maximum load 30 kg
Temperature range -80°C to +220°C
Temperature accuracy in time ±0.5°C
Heating temperature rate from -55°C to +125°C 40°C/min
Cooling temperature rate from +125°C to -55°C 20°C/min
Recovery time (-55°C to +125°C) with 5kg load 15 min
Maximum electrical power 17 kw