Environmental main features

Temperature control range


Temperature accuracy (in time)

±1°C at steady state

Temperature variation rate (average values with 100kg steel test load)

2°C/min heating up from -40°C to +20°C
1.7°C/min cooling down from +20°C to -40°C

Humidity range

from 10% to 98% R.H.

Humidity accuracy (in time)

±3%....±5% at steady state (and anyway not less than ±1°C on the dew point difference)

Dewpoint temperature range



1. The reference sensor is installed on blow-out of air conditioning unit.
2. The temperature rate is according to IEC60068-3-5 specification

Dimensional main features

Internal useful capacity

15m³ approx.

Internal useful dimensions

2000 x 3000 x 2500mm (W x D x H)

Chamber external dimensions

2300 x 4150 x 2800mm (W x D x H)

Machine unit dimensions

2000 x 1200 x 2100mm (W x D x H)

Constructive main features


Vapor tight prefabricated panels, AISI 304 corrosion resistant stainless steel interior, internal welded stainless steel, light blue plastic coated zinc or steel exterior. Thickness: 150 mm. The possible unevenness of the surface planarity due to the welding doesn't decrease the reliability level, in fact the welding of the walk-in chambers internal coating is absolutely the best warranty for its sealing.

Thermal insulation

High density polyurethane foam injection (42 Kg/m³.) and rock-wool

Chamber floor construction

Reinforced stainless steel 15/10

Floor loading capacity

30,000 N/m²


A draining system is provided in order to evacuate the condensation water that can be formed particularly during the transition phase (due in particular to the thermal inertia of the chamber metallic parts). This allows avoiding damages to the prefabricated panels due to possible water infiltration and relative frost formation during the cold phases.


Tight and double wing type door, double seal hinges and locks. The door can be opened also by the interior, for safety reasons. Door frame heating system will be provided.

Door dimensions

1500 x 1900mm (WxH), which allow a half size car to go in

Observation windows

No 1 window will be provided, mm 450 x 450H, complete with an electric heating element on the surface of the glass able to prevent the formation of condensate. The windows will be placed on the door.

Internal light

Light by 2 x 60 W lamp. The lamps can be switched from outside.

Air treatment system

Realized into an air treatment duct positioned on the end wall of the chamber. It has inside the following elements:

The thermo-regulated air flows into the air treatment duct, passing through the above mentioned elements before to enter into the test chamber.


Performed by mechanical cooling based on cascade stage system. The cooling system is realized with two semi-hermetic alternative type compressors by an advanced and high quality design. Main body in special cast iron, easy dismountable cylinders and light metal alloy pistons. Water (+29±3°C) condenser. The cooling system is complete with an Automatic Protection of the Compressor by Injection System that protects the compressors during the cooling down from high temperatures. Such system allows a self-regulating cooling of the compressors, in order to avoid temperature exceeding +30°C (no damages to motor winding).

Protection of compressors

The compressors are protected against:


Environmental friendly type (Non-CFC), R404A and R23 are used that have not been prohibited by the Montreal convention or considered harmful under the London amendment.


By electrical heaters, protected by double adjustable fail-safe thermostats that disconnect a magneto-thermal switch with current-launch coil.


Low pressure steam generator heated with armored electrical heaters, complete with pressure switch and safety valve.


By means of smooth tube coil connected to the cooling unit.

Humidity control

Electronic humidity sensor is used for the measures in the test chamber. This allows the set and measurement of relative humidity expressed directly in % R.H. The regulation of the humidity is performed by the microprocessor programmer. This allows extremely precise control of the programmed values.

Internal ventilation

Forced air re-circulation realized with high power centrifugal fans in order to achieve good temperature uniformity. Fans inside the chamber are extremely sturdy, low noise and able to provide continuous and intensive air circulation and equal air distribution even under high temperature and humidity operational conditions.

Power board

Complete with door locking, remote control switches, fuses, magneto-thermal switches, motor thermal protections etc... Positioned inside the building.

Machine group positioning

In a frame placed behind of the chamber, inside the building.

Chamber weight

2800kg approx.

Noise of machine unit

78 dB (A) measured at 1 m from the front of the chamber in a non reverberating ambient.

Estimated power

50 kW max, 35 kW average.


380/50/3 + N + G (auxiliary controls with 24 VAC for operator's safety)

Control sytem

PLC control system

The control system based on PLC is easy to use by means of keyboard and LCD. The PLC is the perfect solution to the extremely speed processes or to automation tasks which require data elaboration.

The system guarantees:

The system can be configured with:

PC programming and controlling system

New Software WINKRATOS package for P.C. (P.C. not included) is the new generation control and management system running in Windows 2000/NT environment. Powerful and flexible, it offers many innovative features.

Main features:

Graphic functions:

Acquisition functions:


PC main features:

IR lamps system features

This system allows carrying on irradiance tests by means of IR lamps.

IR spot frame

Made of stainless steel and complete with anti-dropping system

IR spot dimensions

1100 x 1800mm (W x D)

IR lamps

28 Siccatherm lamps by OSRAM having 375 W/each, AC 200/220V, or equivalents
32 Siccatherm lamps by OSRAM having 250 W/each, AC 200/220V, or equivalents

IR lamps features

Radiation in the infrared range, up to 3000 nm (high infrared). The radiation is produced by a special incandescent spiral hardened at high temperature and placed in a hard-glass mushroom shaped provided with reflector. The chamber useful height will be reduced by approx mm 250.


OFF, ON splitting into 4 blocks (4 zones) by auxiliary contacts.

Lamps layout

10 rows 6 tiers at 180mm pitches

Included accessories