Environmental testing of electronic equipment is done to reduce the risk of product failure in the field and to speed up time to market. Tests are fundamental for ensuring that products have a long service life, maintaining their initial performance.

The reliability and quality of electronic boards and components are essential requirements that all manufacturers must monitor in both the design and production stages, with the aim of detecting and replacing all defective parts.

The tests can simulate the normal operating environment of the product to identify design errors or defective components, such as: weak welds, container defects, poor chip adhesion. Stress screening tests accelerate the life of the product to forcefully induce the arising of latent defects, production errors and infant mortality of products.

Chambers for Environmental Stress Screening on Antennas and Satellite Components

ACS Chambers for aeronautics and aerospace industry reproduce the environmental conditions typical of the landing/take off stages and travel in space, guaranteeing high standards of reliability and quality for the products that pass the tests.

Which product?

ACS can offer customized solutions thanks to its more than 60 years of experience in designing customized environmental simulation chambers, its technical know-how and the close attention given to the requests of all our customers.


Example of a chamber customized according to the specifications requested by the customer.

Chamber for testing satellite components and antennas


The software for this type of chamber is an application that includes all the functions based on the specifications requested by the customer. The chamber has a built-in control panel for controlling and managing its functions. The chamber can also be controlled remotely using the WinKratos software or an equivalent application.


ACS can provide customized solutions that are adapted to the requests of every customer. Thanks to its accurate analysis of testing needs and highly specialized technical consultancy, ACS designs and manufactures environmental simulation chambers in the configuration most suitable for meeting the customer's testing needs.