ACS is proud to announce the new release of its standard vibration test chambers. Besides their well-known key features, remarkable basic configuration, flexibility, easy adaption to any shaker, these chambers are now equipped with the new cutting-edge MyKratos™ control systems, which makes it possible to manage, monitor and assist the chamber anywhere at any time from mobile and desktop devices using Wi-Fi, Ethernet or mobile network connections. This line of chambers comes in both thermostatic (temperature only) and Climatic (temperature and humidity) versions.

ACS vibration test chambers can interface with many various types of shakers for vertical, horizontal and tri-axial vibrations. The are the easiest solution for combining any kind of shaker with an environmental test chamber thanks to:

A very easy operating system

A work screw type of lifting system allows the test cabinet to be adapated to the shakers height. Adjustments can be set from the control panel on the chamber it is possible to add horizontal movement as needed. This is especially useful if your shaker allows both vertical and horizontail or if you want to use more shakers with the same chamber.

Greater flexibility

Different removable floors, for vertical and horizontal vibrations, can adapt the chamber to any existing standard shakers. If the chamber must be used without the shaker in place, a blind floor plug is available.

A wide range of standard models

The available volumes in both thermostatic and climatic standard versions are 600, 1200 and 2200 l. Three choices of temperature change rate are available for the -70°C/+180°C models: 5, 10, or 15°C/min, while 5°C/min is the only available rate for the -40°C/+180°C models. For all the climatic models the humidity range is from 10% to 95% (in the temperature range of 10°C/+95°C).

Innovative Control System

Industry demands smart solutions for managing and maintaining distributed networks of people, machines, and processes. The ACS solution for the Internet of Things is the unique-in-the-market MyKratos™ software, making it possible to manage, monitor and assist a test chamber in any place at any time, from mobile and desktop devices, using any kind of connection (Wi-Fi, Ethernet or mobile networks).

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