Burn-in systems

The growing complexity of integrated circuits requires today a high and reliability standards that can be obtained by means of burn-in processes only. Burn-In is the widely accepted means to achieve dependable results because it simulates real test conditions in the presence of such accelerating factors as temperature. The experience in the field has shown that adolescence or premature mortality occurs during the first 1000/2000 working hours.

Burn-In aims at cutting down so called infantile mortality we can provide a full range of modular burn in systems allowing components to be monitored directly on boards during burn-in.


ACS have developed a series of thermostatic chambers having superior precision and thermal stability both space and time. Mainly derived from the thermostatic chambers, they can reach temperatures up to 300°C and can be supplied with standard capabilities ranging from 90 to 2000 litres. High-power and big sized ovens may also be produced upon customer request.

Particular skills have been acquired from ACS in the design and production of explosion-proof ovens and inert-atmosphere vacuum ovens for the electronic sector.