What Test?

What Chamber?

When clients contact us enquiring on our extensive range of equipment, we like to be able to consider all aspects of the products and the test conditions that you the client require. ETS have put together some considerations that may assist you in enabling you to decide the most appropriate chamber for your test requirements:

Think product

What temperature will it see?

Will humidity be a concern?

Will it be exposed to vibration?

Will there be temperature swings?

Will it be exposed to salt air or corrosion?

Will it be in a high vacuum or high-pressure situation?

Does it need to be powered up?

What is the worst-case scenario? And what safety margin do I want beyond that?

Think test

Is it a simple pass/fail test?

Are you doing it to satisfy a customer?

Are you following a specification?

Are you trying to find out lifetime?

Are you purposely taking it to a failure to find out which failures would be most likely to occur in the field (Like HALT testing)?

Is this pre-or-postproduction testing?

Are you trying to replicate field failures?