Thermal shock testing involves exposing a package or product to extreme temperatures to determine its resistance to sudden changes in temperature.

The package or product undergoes a pre-determined number of cycles during which it is exposed to extremely high temperatures and then extremely low temperatures immediately afterwards.

After the final cycle has been performed, the package or product is inspected for damage, loss of integrity and loss of performance or functionality.

An example of a thermal shock test cycle could be:

Hold at upper and lower temperatures for approx. 1 hour for each.

Typical thermal shock chamber to hire would be:

Useful capacity 83 litres
Internal dimensions 460 x 460 x 400mm(WxDxH)
External dimensions 1300 x 2560 x 2040mm(WxDxH)
Temperature range Upper Chamber +40°C to +220°C
Lower Chamber -80°C to +60°C
Temperature rate of change N/A
Humidity range N/A
Portholes 1 x 23mm dia. in the ceiling
Power 400V/3 phase / 32 Amps
Water requirement Chilled water supply required
15°C 29L/min flow rate

Typical thermal shock chamber to purchase:

Air to air thermal shock chamber

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