One of the reliability concerns in any product is the effect of temperature change on components that may occur during manufacturing, storage or actual use. Since all materials expand and contract at different rates this ultimately has an effect on the product and can result in failures.

Thermal cycling is a test to determine the stresses on products at the extremes of high and low temperatures relatively quickly. As components heat up and cool down they expand and contact causing failures, through repetitive cycling the components are rapidly aged allowing early discovery of material incompatibility and or potential failures. Therefore any such testing early can significantly increase reliability one the product is in the field.

Each temperature cycle consists of:

Low temperature soak, a transition to a high temperature, a high temperature soak then a return to a low temp to repeat the cycle. This cycle is preformed at temperature rates depending on the product under test.

ETS have a range of climatic chambers that can perform these tests. Below are the specs for two identical chambers that are now available. If you require any additional information please contact



Upper temperature limit:


Lower temperature limit:


Temperature change rate: (chamber empty)

5°C/minute (linear) measured between +70°C and -40°C
5°C/minute (average) measured between +70°C and -54°C

Internal working volume:

890 litres

Internal dimensions

970 x 1000 x 920mm (WxDxH)

External dimensions:

1300 x 3300 x 2400mm (WxDxH)


Eurotherm 3500
Communications: RS-232
Event relays: 4


415 VAC, 3 phase, 50 Hz

Nominal current:

63 A/phase


1200 kg approximately

Refrigeration unit:

15 + 15 hp air-cooled, fully hermetic two-stage cascade refrigeration unit R404A and R23 refrigerants
Remote condenser unit, installed outdoors, maximum pipe tun 7.5m

Multi glazed window in door:

300 x 300mm

Internal lighting:


Cable access ports:

4 x 100mm dia. (two in each side wall)

Chamber over-temperature protection:

Preset mechanical thermostat

Product protection:

Panel mounted Montford