Reliability is a key factor for any product durable success and for the competitiveness in the global market, the return of investment in product reliability has been proven to be very satisfactory for both the user and the manufacturer.

At Angelantoni Industrie they combined 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing environmental test chambers to provide a state of the art system capable to give to the user the best performance in the reliability growth process.

By using the Angelantoni System, you can submit your product to extreme environmental stresses. Perform various accelerated stress test methods like HALT, HASS, Step Stress Testing, and others. Each type of stress precipitates specific defects that might be missed by traditional testing methods and equipment.

How to translate the theory in design solution

The UHS Range (UHS1400 & UHS300) from Angelantoni Industrie is designed specifically for performing accelerated tests by applying extreme environmental stress.