Protecting and preserving the environment is one of our company's highest priorities, which is why it is certified to ISO14001. In line with its sustainability policies, ACS has been conducting research and development to reduce energy consumption and to increase the use of ecological and recyclable materials in order to develop products that reduce environmental damages at all stages of the product lifecycles.

The new chamber, called "flower®", is the first result of this research, a truly innovative product in the field of climatic test chambers, thanks to its special design.


More about eco-friendly test chambers

Reduced energy consumption

It consumes about 70% less energy during the stabilization phases due to the unique and "patented" system which includes:

Reduced noise level

50% noise reduction is obtained due to:

These advantages are combined with the use of "environmentally friendly" materials during the production phase:

* The "cold sink" consists of a mixture of water and glycol having a solidification temperature of around -20°C. There are two heat exchangers inside the cold sink; one acts as an evaporator and the other as a super-cooler. When the cooling powers required are very low, the control system of "flower®" chamber keeps the rotation speed of the mechanical compressors at the minimum allowed values, and the excess coolant evaporates in the evaporator situated inside the cold sink; in this way the chamber accumulates a reserve of "cool" to be used at a later stage.