What is MyAratos™?

MyKratos™ is the software developed by Angelantoni Test Technologies for chamber monitoring and supervision.

What are the potentials of MyKratos™ compared to Winkratos?

With MyKratos™ No installation is necessary. For the Management of the chambers it is possible to use a mobile device, not necessarily a PC. Wifi connection is also available, and the software is accessible with the same interface, whether local or remote.

Is MyKratos™ on a CD?

No. The software is already present in the chamber.

What device do I need to be able to use the MyKratos™ software?

It's sufficient to have a PC with an Ethernet or Wi-Fi board, on which an Internet browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) has been installed. The alternative is a mobile device, such as a tablet or a smart phone, on which the MyKratos™ App has been installed.

Can I connect the chamber via Wi-Fi?

Yes. On every Chamber equipped with MyKratos™ it's possible to make a direct (point-to-point) connection between the device being used and the chamber. The Wi-Fi connection is generated directly by the chamber, so no other device is necessary.

Is it possible to change the IP address of my chamber?

You can change the chambers factory set address through the MyKratos™ software in the "Settings" section, expanding the Ethernet configuration part. Here, it is possible to enter all the information necessary for the network configuration such as the IP address, the subnet mask, the gateway and the DNS to be used.

What connections are available for the chamber?

Every Chamber has an Ethernet connection, Wi-Fi (point-to-point only) and a RS-232 port.

Can I use my chamber with a control software mix such as MyKratos™ and LabView driver?

The Chambers can be "piloted" simultaneously by control software from different sources (Ethernet, Wi-Fi and RS-232) thus also including MyKratos™, WinKratos, ACS driver or the customers own application programs.

What software do I have to install to be able to start managing my chamber?

None. The MyKratos™ software is already present in the machine and can be accessed via an Internet browser (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) or through the App for mobile devices that can be downloaded from the portals of reference- Apple Store for Apple and Google Play for Android using "MyKratos" as the search word.

With the WinKratos multichamber can I also control the new DM?

Yes. Management is carried out in the same way as for any previous chamber. What is necessary however, is a reconfiguration of the Winkratos.

With the MyKratos™ multichambers can I also control the old chambers previously controlled with Winkratos?

No, The MyKratos™ multichamber only controls the new generation chambers that have MyKratos™.

Can the chamber only be controlled via iPad or Smartphone?

No. It is also possible to control the chamber via PC with an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection.

What tablets and smartphones can I use?

It is possible to use any Android Tablet or Smartphone with a resolution of 1,280 x 800 or higher and an operating system version 4.2.1 or higher, or else an iPad or iPhone with IOS 8 operating system.

Where can I find the app?

The apps for mobile devices can be downloaded from the portals of reference. Apple Store for Apple and Google Play for Android - using "MyKratos" as the search word.

What do I need for a connection via the mobile phone network?

It is sufficient to install a data SIM card in the device inside the chamber and connect to the Internet.

Can I make a remote connection?

Yes, via Ethernet or by installing a SIM card in the chamber's device.

How many users can be connected to the chamber at the same time?

It is possible to have multiple connections coming from different devices. Once the chamber goes in to operation, the user that has started the test becomes its exclusive manager and the others are only allowed to consult it in read-only mode.

In point-to-point Wi-Fi with the chamber, up to what distance can I control it?

In optimum conditions, up to a maximum of 30m.

Where are data saved and stored?

Data are saved and stored inside the machine (Chamber Internet Cloud) so they will be available anytime an operator connects to it, regardless of the device being used (tablet, PC, Smartphone etc).

How can I export saved files? What is the export format?

All measurements acquired and recorded can be exported in ASCII format, so they can be imported to data processing application programs (spreadsheets, databases, word-processors).