What is the MyAngel24™?

MyAngel24™ is an online diagnostic and remote assistance system included in the MyKratos™ software. Thanks to MyAngel24™, the chamber is always connected to the Angelantoni server via mobile network connections. Angelantoni's server will continuously record all the equipment's functioning parameters. MyAngel24™ makes it possible to:

What types of information and alarms do I receive in real time with MyAngel24™?

The information collected by MyAngel24™ includes all the parameters and measurements necessary to verify the proper progress of the test as well as the chambers state of health. On the user side, any alarms are sent directly by the chambers device. On the service side, MyAngel24™ receives and records all the communications coming form the chamber.

What kinds of actions can service take via MyAngel24™?

It can verify the nature of the problem, identify it and attempt to solve it by remote control, thus without the need for on-site intervention and with significant savings in time and costs. In the event of particularly complex or hardware problems, it can initiate the procedure for on-site intervention on the customers premises with the advantage of being able to plan ahead of time the operations to be carried out, since MyAngel24™ makes it possible to determine the nature of the problem beforehand and obtain the necessary spare parts before intervening.

Are the remote control and MyAngel24™ secure?

Yes. Via the connection provided by the MyAngel24™ systems it is possible to access the chambers via a private virtual network (VPN) that guarantees maximum protection and security. By way of example, the MyAngel24™ connection has the same level of protection as a home banking connection.

If necessary for company policy reasons, can I disable MyAngel24™? If so, how?

Yes. It can be enabled or disabled simply and quickly through a special section in the MyKratos™ software.

What are the benefits of MyAngel24™?

The benefits of MyAngel24™ are:

What parameters are remote-controlled via MyAngel24™?

The remote-controlled parameters are: