Ghibli - a hot, dry wind known for its power

In the Sahara desert, the dry climate is exacerbated by the Ghibli, a hot arid wind that blows from the south several times a year, affecting the entire region. It is preceded by a short lull in the prevailing winds which is followed by the full force of the Ghibli. The heat of the wind is increased by a rapid drop of relative humidity which can suddenly fall from 80% to 10%.

ACS have been able to simulate this extreme conditions and able to offer you a full range of Ghibli ovens. Each of these ovens offers you the power and control over the elements specifically heat, to properly teat your items. Use our reliable equipment to make sure that your own reliability is exactly at the level you want it to be. Apply our quality to increase your own. These laboratory ovens ranging from 58 to 3000 litres come with a choice of two different control systems manual or programmable.

Simply choose the oven size, the number of shelves that you want the type of control and you will have an ISO9001:2000 compliant oven designed around your specific needs - but at off the shelf prices.

No matter what your industry, scientific, educational, medicinal and industrial we have what you need.