• These chambers are available in both the climatic (humidity and temperature control) and the thermostatic version (temperature control only).
  • The control and management system is PLC based complete with the keykratos colour touch screen placed on the door.
  • All chambers are manufactured according to the Total Quality procedures, in compliance with the ISO9001 standard.
  • On request, they may be also attested by the Œ conformity statement (EMC tests are conducted inside an anechoic chamber installed in our laboratories).


Energy Saving

The Challenge E series have basic environmental performances and require simple utilities connection. They are intended for general applications when high environmental performances are not required. An ideal tool for tropical tests or pharmaceutical products (stability tests) plastics, rubber, paper, semiconductor (85/85).

Environmental Screening Version

TThe Challenge ES series have superior environmental performances. They are intended for Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) or generally in the reliability growth processes where a 5°C/min is a must. The chambers are equipped with water condenser (remote air condenser as option).


The Challenge Bench-top are the smaller size of the CH series. They have the same superior performance of the bigger sisters and keep the same electrical and SW interface in order to be integrated very easily with other ACS chambers through the WinKratos SW and the remote PC. They are intended for Environmental Test of small specimen and can be positioned on the laboratory bench or on the dedicated table provided optionally.