ETS will normally offer the Eurotherm 2704 for the more demanding chamber applications. The 2704 can handle up to 3 Loops which enables Temperature, Humidity and Altitude to be controlled in one instrument. Other uses for the third loop could be CO2 in plant growth cells for example. More typically the 2704 is used for temperature and humidity chambers. The logic and timer functions in the controller can simplify the installation, removing the need for separate timers and programmable logic controllers (PLC`s).

Control systems/chambers recently upgraded using the 2704 include the following:

  • Format Series from Fisons/Sanyo Chambers
  • Profile X Controllers on Montford Chambers
  • Eurotherm 900EPC on Montford and Clive Hurley

The 3504 is part of Eurotherm's latest range of advanced process controllers provide precision control of temperature and a humidity together with an abundance of advanced options making it the most adaptable product in its class.

ETS has used the 3504 when the extra Loop and the very impressive display of the 2704 is not required and when lower cost is.

Lower cost still is the 3216 which is available as an 8 Segment Programmer and makes an ideal replacement for small Temperature only Chambers. This can provide a new lease of life for chambers with older, single set point or two point cycling controllers.

We have worked with Eurotherm since the early 1980s are able to supply controllers at Eurotherm's UK List Prices. We can install, rewire, re-engineer if necessary and commission or just supply you with the controller.

For further information please call us or contact Sharon Leake.