Testing the tools that combat climate change

The main 3 models PV3000, PV4500, PV8500 are dedicated to the standard test methods established by the norms:
IEC 61215, IEC 61646 and IEC 62108 (Photovoltaic Modules)
EN12975-1, EN12975-2 (Thermal Modules)

The DH models are basic climatic chambers specifically fit to carry out the simple but long-term damp heat tests required by the standard test methods (85°C/85% RH for 1000 h), so leaving to the the more performing chambers the task of executing the more complex tests.

The UV3000 is a specific test chamber to perform the required radiation pre-treatment phase

Other equipment can be provided on request, such as hail test equipment and the data acquisition system.

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KeyKratos Plus™ control system

Based on a PLC structure, the system has a control panel consisting of a color touchscreen which allows the setting of all the necessary parameters for performing automatic and cyclical tests.

  • 5.7" touchscreen, 65,536 colors, TFT technology (faster control)
  • 3 types of memory support for storing cycles, recordings, and alarms:Memory Board, Pendrive (USB key style), internal memory
  • Touch menu with related pop-up screens where necessary
  • ACS remote control software WinKratos™ is optionally available for both single-chamber and multichamber (16 max.) management via PC.