A cost effective solution

To reduce delivery times to twelve weeks or less and avoid the costs of design and engineering normally associated with the customized walk-in chambers, modular design is the solution.

It comprises the four basic elements of a walk-in chamber that can be mixed and matched to provide a configuration to suit the majority of requirements:

The modular walk-on line includes 4 models according to their useful capacity: Compact (10 m³), Medium (16 m³), Large (30 m³) and Extra Large (40 m³).

Each of these models is available in 6 versions according to cooling unit dimensions, except for Compact model which is available only in 4 versions.

Cooling unit

Comprising the refrigeration equipment and humidification systems required for the control of the temperature and air humidity insidethe walk-in chamber. The basic version requires either mains water or tower water for cooling.

Air treatment unit

Powerful fans draw the chamber air across the heat exchangers for cooling and dehumidification, heaters and control sensors before recirculating the conditioned air back into the chamber. A Pt100 sensor (temperature) and a capacitive probe (humidity) is used for control.

User interface

The control system interface is placed near the door for all the versions of the walk-in chamber. It comprises:

Test room

Vapour tight prefabricated panels suitable for multiple assembly and take down operations, AISI 304 interior, blue plastic coated zincor steel exterior. Insulation thickness: 120 mm.

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An innovative software

ACS modular walk-in chambers are now equipped with the new all-in-one software MyKratos™ allowing to manage, monitor and assist the chamber through mobile and desktop devices, using WiFi, Ethernet, or mobile network. No additional hardware or software required.

  • The chamber is equipped with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), used to manage all chamber functions and safety interlocks.
  • A special device is used to control the chamber via mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, or to establish a remote internet comnnection.
  • The system can connect several chambers in cluster mode at the same time and can provide a common supervision from a centralized point.
  • MyKratos™ includes MyAngel24™, our remote teleassistance system: the chambers stay connected to the remote server 24 hours a day monitoring running conditions and any anomalies, in order to guarantee faster and more efficient service and maintenance activities.