Reliability a key factor

The chambers (300 and 1400 l models), are equipped with optional windows and additional portholes, with cooling by LN2 expansion and heating by powerful nichrome heaters, with massive air flow which also has directional changing capability: through the air slot or through the flexible air ducts.

The shaking table, with acceleration up to 100 gRMS, is powered by compressed air. In the 1400 l model the table has adjustable height for loading unloading convenience and for different chamber useful volume. The shaker is able to deliver the vibration power on a wide frequency band thus stimulating a complete modal range and relevant possible failures.

The electrical control panel which uses top quality components designed and assembled according to the Πnorms.

The humidity control system (optional) which adds more effectiveness to the test giving the possibility to combine an additional important environmental parameter. The complete system is intended as a turn-key system designed and manufactured within ATT.

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KeyKratos Plus™ control system

Based on a PLC structure, the system has a control panel consisting of a color touchscreen which allows the setting of all the necessary parameters for performing automatic and cyclical tests.

  • 5.7" touchscreen, 65,536 colors, TFT technology (faster control)
  • 3 types of memory support for storing cycles, recordings, and alarms:Memory Board, Pendrive (USB key style), internal memory
  • Touch menu with related pop-up screens where necessary
  • ACS remote control software WinKratos™ is optionally available for both single-chamber and multichamber (16 max.) management via PC.