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"E" series

has the essential environmental chamber performance and is specifically designed for genral purpose applications where excessively high temperatures or fast ramp rates are not required. The "E" series is ideal for climatic tests at steady states and for use in a wide range of applications, such as Tropical tests in pharmaceutical products, and a wide range of tests in the plastics, rubber, paper and semiconductor industries.

"ES" series

has been designed for Environmental Stress (ESS) and is ideal for reliability growth processes where temperature rates of change of 5 degrees a minute are pre requisite. All of the chambers in the "ES" range are equipped with air condensers, except for the 340 l model where water condensation is required to maintain a compact footprint.

"ESS speedy" series

has been developed to help manufacturers detecting product defects and production flaws. Screening can force infancy board and component failures that would otherwise occur after final assembly and product delivery, and potentially during the warranty period. Two versions are available, according to the temperature rate of change (10°C/min and 15°C/min). 20°C/min and 25°C/min versions are available on request.

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An innovative software

ACS environmental stress screening chambers are now equipped with the new all-in-one software MyKratos™ allowing to manage, monitor and assist the chamber through mobile and desktop devices, using WiFi, Ethernet, or mobile network. No additional hardware or software required.

  • The chamber is equipped with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), used to manage all chamber functions and safety interlocks.
  • A special device is used to control the chamber via mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, or to establish a remote internet comnnection.
  • The system can connect several chambers in cluster mode at the same time and can provide a common supervision from a centralized point.
  • MyKratos™ includes MyAngel24™, our remote teleassistance system: the chambers stay connected to the remote server 24 hours a day monitoring running conditions and any anomalies, in order to guarantee faster and more efficient service and maintenance activities.