A new approach

High-resolution dosage and high-precision spraying of the saline solution (atomization)

Fully-transparent hood with servo-assisted opening (600-1200 l) or pneumatic system for handling (2300 l)

Automatic stop of the running test in case of unintentional opening

Regulating-valve manometer for the control of compressed air flow

Flowmeter for the reading of the saline solution flow

VDA (with or without cooling unit) and SAE J2334 tests are available as options

On request the chamber can carry out tests according to the main test standards

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KeyKratos Plus™ control system

Based on a PLC structure, the system has a control panel consisting of a color touchscreen which allows the setting of all the necessary parameters for performing automatic and cyclical tests.

  • 5.7" touchscreen, 65,536 colors, TFT technology (faster control)
  • 3 types of memory support for storing cycles, recordings, and alarms:Memory Board, Pendrive (USB key style), internal memory
  • Touch menu with related pop-up screens where necessary
  • ACS remote control software WinKratos™ is optionally available for both single-chamber and multichamber (16 max.) management via PC.