Angelantoni Test Technologies is one of the only companies capable of offering a comprehensive range of environmental test chambers.

Temperature & Humidity Test Chambers

The new Discovery My chambers, ranging from 340 to 1600 l capacity, are characterized by a brilliant and innovative design. They are supervised by the powerful My Kratos™ Control System which makes it possible to manage and monitor the chamber both from the 10 inches on board display and from remote devices (PC, tablet, smartphone) using Wi-fi, Ethernet or mobile network connections.


Thermal Shock Test Chambers

ACS thermal shock chambers stand out for their utmost flexibility. Available in several versions to better suit different testing needs, they may be divided into: Air to Air or Liquid to Liquid


Standardized Modular Walk-in Chambers

Without compromising our high standards of quality and reliability, we wanted to reduce delivery times and avoid the costs of design and engineering normally associated with the customized walk-in chambers. Modular design is the solution. A cost-effective, modular design comprising the four basic elements of a walk-in chamber that can be mixed and matched to provide a configuration to suit most requirements.


Halt & Hass Chambers

Accelerated testing is used to detect and correct any inherent design and manufacturing flaws and to determine product reliability. Typically a series of individual and combined stresses such as multi-axis vibration, temperature cycling and product power cycling are applied in steps of increasing intensity. Test time is compressed with the accelerated stresses, leading to earlier product maturity. The HALT method (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) is mainly utilized to carry out timely corrective actions during the design phase of the product while the HASS method (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) is performed to detect defects during the production phase of the product.


Thermal Vacuum Chambers

ACS has developed a wide range of thermal vacuum chambers thanks to its wide experience in several techniques applied in the environmental simulation and testing. Thermal vacuum chambers are able to artificially create the operating conditions (temperature and high vacuum) of whole satellites or equipment used on board of satellites.

ESS - Environmental Stress Screening

ESS can achieve two major product improvements for the manufacturer: Improve product reliability thus enhancing the company's reputation in the marketplace Lower warranty costs by highlighting failures in the factory which without screening would occur in the field. The objective of the ESS process is to highlight, during the manufacturing process time, the relatively high level of failures that can occur in the early life period of the product. If not found early, these defects would manifest themselves after shipment leading to much higher warranty costs. The process usually involves subjecting the product to temperature, vibration and electric or electronic stimuli and monitoring to expose the weaknesses in the product.


Explosion Proof Chambers

Chambers in explosion proof configuration are utilized in the types of tests where it is necessary to check the correct operation of specimen that can explode during the test. ACS has been active in this field since the 1960s in cooperation with the most important and expert companies operating in chemical (solvents), defence (explosive materials) and automotive (gasoline) fields. Thanks to our experience we can suggest the proper configuration of the chamber according to the requirements of the end user, working as a consultant too when it is required.

Dry Corrosion Test Cabinet

ACS has designed and produces a series of chambers for corrosion diagnostics: this overcomes the old and often unsatisfactory concept of the "salt spray chamber". The Dry Corrosion Test Cabinet™ (DCTC™) is designed to highlight the corrosion processes on painted metallic surfaces in a fast and easily reproducible manner. The main technical features of the systems are:

Traditionally specialized in carrying out incisive stress such as "scab" and "filiform" corrosion, DCTC™ chambers can also perform traditional salt spray tests (continuous, alternate, etc.) according to the main international standards and norms. On request DCTC™ can carry out any test according to customers' needs.



This equipment is mainly required for testing the efficiency and heating or cooling capacity of air conditioners in order to find the right compromise between power and size of the units. The main versions of psychrometric, balance or calibrated calorimeters are available in several configurations according to the power (BTU) of the device under test. The most important standards such as ASHRAE, ISO or EN can be met choosing the suitable configuration of the chamber to test air conditioners, heat pumps, split systems and the components for automotive and home appliance devices.

Custom Designed Chambers

The wide range of chambers shown on these pages demonstrates the filesystems, and the extensive knowledge of ACS on numerous technologies applied in the environmental test field.

Vibration Test Chambers

ACS vibration test chambers are well-known for their key features: remarkable basic configuration, flexibility, and easy adaptation to many various types of shakers for vertical vibrations thanks to a worm screw type of lifting system allowing the test cabinet to be adapted to the shaker height. It is also possible to add horizontal movement or tri-axial vibration on request. The available volumes in both thermostatic and climatic standard versions are 600, 1200 and 2200 l.

Three choices of temperature change rate are available for the -70°/+180°C models: 5°, 10°, or 15°C/ min, while 5°C/min is the only available rate for the -40°/+180°C models. For all the climatic models the humidity range is from 10% to 95% (in the temperature range of +10°/+95°C). ACS vibration test chambers are equipped with the new cutting-edge MyKratos™control system, which makes it possible to manage, monitor and assist the chamber from mobile and desktop devices using Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or mobile network connections. The remote assistance system MyAngel24™ is optional.


Custom Design Walk-In Chambers

ACS prefabricated chambers can be supplied for temperature only or temperature/ humidity tests and are suitable for tests on electronic modules or complete assemblies. Where high power dissipation by the specimen is expected, i.e. Testing of complete assemblies, the temperature humidity chamber incorporates the indirect system for climatic thermoregulation. The modular panels are made with external pre-painted metal strong sheets and AISI304 stainless steel for the interior. Entrance doors for technicians or materials can be supplied for any size chamber, either side hung and automatic sliding type.

Altitude Test Chambers

Since 1953 ACS has been designing and developing a complete series of standard chambers for vacuum tests up to 1 mbar (equivalent to 150,000 feet altitude). These chambers are available in 150, 500, and 1000 litre capacities with a parallelepiped shape. A special wall thermoregulation system (optional) guarantees the best functioning below 300 mbar, thermoregulating the test environment by radiation. This range of altitude chambers is also available in both thermostatic (temperature and pressure control) and climatic (temperature, pressure, and humidity control) versions.


Battery Test Chambers

By means of partnership with other companies, ACS can integrate battery life cycle testing and environmental chambers into complete and high efficiency systems that will support the entire battery development and testing process. The climatic chamber can be equipped with a set of specific options depending on the kind of test and specimen.


Sun Simulation Chambers

The simulation of natural sunlight is achieved using several different methods according to the area of the spectrum it is required to test, to check the damage caused by the differing solar radiations. The reference applications are the accelerated aging of the equipment under the effects of the radiation combined with other environmental phenomena such as temperature, humidity, rain, corrosion and so on.

Sand/Dust and Rain Chambers

During their useful lifetime, many industrial products are exposed to several atmospheric agents in addition to the well-known temperature, humidity, and corrosion. Very high degradation phenomena are caused by sand, dust, and rain. In order to comply with market needs, ACS has designed and produces a large number of equipment suitable for carrying out tests which comply with all the main international standards. ACS equipment for sand and dust tests are able to reproduce all the conditions included in the standards requiring continuous ventilation (DIN 40046, MIL-STD 331 and MIL-STD 810 G), dust drop tests (DIN 40052) and tests with irregular whiff of compressed air (SAE J 575).


The interface consists of a powerful software accessible from the 10 inches on board display and from remote devices (PC, tablet, smartphone), MyKratos™. The interactive assistance system MyAngel24™ is optional.