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Since 1932, the name Angelantoni has always been synonymous with the advanced cold technology in both research and industry. In 1952 the production of environmental chambers for temperature and humidity started, rapidly followed by the first temperature vacuum chamber. At the Milan International Fair in 1961, Angelantoni exhibited the first refrigeration unit in Europe that could cool below -100°C (-104°C) using traditional compressor techniques without any cryogenic fluids. In 1988 the design and production of the first space simulator (vacuum down to 10 exp. - 7 mbar); in 2004 the first automated freezer at -80°C. The group consists today of about 600 employees working in 7 units.

Angelantoni Industrie Spa, is located in Massa Martana (Perugia), Italy, designs and manufactures:

  • Environmental Test Chambers, Stress Screening Systems and Space Simulators (ACS Environmental Division).
  • Equipment in the field of cold technology applied to laboratories of biological research, universities, hospitals (AS Biomedical Division).
  • Coolant plants for industrial processes and cold stores for perishables, preservation (AG Industrial Cold Plant Division)

ETS Ltd is the sole agent for the UK and Ireland for the supply of the Angelantoni Industrie (ACS) range of Environmental Test Equipment. ETS can supply the full range of ACS equipment featuring Temperature, Humidity, Vacuum and Vibration, in a range of combinations and chamber sizes from benchtop to walk in rooms. ACS have a range of chambers for special disciplines such as thermal shock and environmental stress screening as well as test equipment for corrosion testing (Salt Spray) and Sand & Dust. The ETS / ACS partnership also means that we can supply any type, style and size of bespoke chamber built to your own specification.

The ETS / ACS partnership can supply a wide range of specialist test chambers designed to carry out tests such as Thermal Shock, Altitude testing, Accelerated Stress Screening, Sand & Dust plus many more. All of our chambers are build using Micro-PLC technology giving the user the benefit of a closely controllable test environment with the added bonus that the chambers can be operated from our unique Windows based PC software package Winkratos. This package allows full chamber operation and programming from a PC with all the advantages of programme storage on disk (hard or floppy) and colour printouts of test data and waveforms. Also included in the software is a data logging system to enable the user to log, store and label the results of each test carried out.





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