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Angelantoni Industries are proud to announce Discovery, their newest and most innovative chamber series yet. This line of chambers has both thermostatic (temperature only ) versions and climatic and humidity versions.

ACS have taken over 75 years of knowledge and experience along with extensive feedback from both customers and agents and have produced these feature rich and highly reliable chambers to meet your testing needs.

New Features

  • Optimized control system
  • KeyKratos Plus touch screen
  • PID control through PLC
  • Completely updated hardware and software together to give much faster control

Optimized Refrigeration System

  • Increased thermal exchange
  • Vibration resistant to be able to handle transport conditions better
  • Improved refrigeration plant thanks to specific studies based on dedicated Design & Research tools

Optimized Electrical System

  • Improved reliability through new selected components
  • Easier access for maintenance

New Door Style

  • Aluminium alloy frame
  • Stainless steel back, with 135mm of insulation
  • Electromagnetic door closers
  • Choice of opening with key card (for security) or through a button on the touch screen with configurable opening temperature range

Innovative Humidification System

  • New humidifier with a self contained heater for better reliability
  • Internal water demineralizer (DY110 excluded)
  • Better layout of pipes to prevent water leaks
  • Choice of psychometric system or capacitive probe

KeyKratos Plus

  • 4096 colours with STN technology
  • Faster control
  • 3 types of memory support for storing cycles, recordings and alarms. Compact flash, pen drive (USB key style) Internal memory
  • Touch menu with related pop up screens where necessary
  • Memory capacity to 1000 cycles with 350 segments each (on compact flash)
  • USB interface on front panel for stick or printer
  • Recordings in CSV format (comma separated value) for easy export to excel, program files are easily convertible into graphic format
  • A trend chart for recorded variables available with a scale from -100°C/+200°C
  • Four traces: temperature set point, actual temperature, humidity set point and actual humidity
  • User friendly data input during editing, check and administration cycle
  • Synoptic graphs for the chamber, humidity low stage refrigeration
  • Messages on scheduled maintenance activities
  • The system is available in 6 languages: Italian, English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch

PC Winkratos software

  • Ability to add notes to graphs
  • Delayed start of the tests
  • Optimized view of synoptic
  • Two editing modes, entry level and advanced level

Technical Specifications

Model DY110(C) DY250(C) DY340(C) DY600(C) DY1200(C)
Useful Capacity (Litres) 112 226 336 559 1152
Int. dimensions (wxdxh) mm 548x460x447 601x545x692 850x740x890 850x740x890 1000x1130x1020
Ext. dimensions (wxdxh) mm 872x1112x1280 919x1555x1639 919x1817x1638 1168x1797x2021 1320x2235x2137
Temp Range (°C) Basic -40 to +180 -40 to +180 -40 to +180 -40 to +180 -40 to +180
C Executions -70 to +180 -70 to +180 -70 to +180 -70 to +180 -70 to +180
Temperature Fluctuation ±0.1°C to
±0.1°C to
±0.1°C to
±0.1°C to
±0.1°C to
Temperature Rate of Change (measured at the control probe)
Heating Basic
3.2°C/min 5°C/min 4.5°C/min 4.5°C/min 4°C/min
C Execution
3.2°C/min 5°C/min 4.5°C/min 4.5°C/min 4°C/min
Cooling Basic
2°C/min 3.5°C/min 3°C/min 4°C/min 4°C/min
C Execution
2.8°C/min 2.5°C/min 2°C/min 4°C/min 3°C/min
R.H. Range 10% to 98% 10% to 98% 10% to 98% 10% to 98% 10% to 98%
R.H. Precision Basic T = -55°C ±0.1% to ±3% ±0.1% to ±3% ±0.1% to ±3% ±0.1% to ±3% ±0.1% to ±3%
Int. Dissipation (W) Basic 100 400 400 1000 1300
C Execution 250 600 600 1500 2000
Absorbed Power (kW) Basic 2 4.3 4.3 6.8 8.2
C Execution 2.5 5.2 5.2 8.6 8.6
Weight (kg) Basic 340 680 750 930 1080
C Execution 350 735 805 1010 1180
Noise db (DBA) Basic 58 59 59 64 65
C Execution 60 63 63 66 68
Supply Voltage (VAC) 230V+6%/-10%/50Hz/1+G 400V +6%/-10%/50/3+N+G

Download Discovery brochure (PDF)



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