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New and improved features:

  • Completely new door system for ease of access and confident closing
  • New steam generator system for humidity systems
  • New touch screen control panel
  • Our highest reliability ever
  • Mainly dedicated for temperature tests with the possibility to choose two temperature ranges (-40°C or -70°C up to +180°C).
  • 16 or 60 litres (temperature only) and 160 litres (both climatic (humidity) and temperature only)
  • The largest model can be equipped with humidity control system.
  • Easily installed in any laboratory thanks to the light weight of the equipment, low noise and the possibility to plug it in the 230V single phase socket.



The Discovery bench-top is the smaller size of the Discovery series. They have the same excellent performance of the larger chambers and maintain the same electrical and SW interface in order to integrate easily with other ACS chambers through the WinKratos SW and remote PC. They are intended for Environmental Testing of small specimens and can be positioned on the laboratory bench or on optional dedicated trolley.

Download Discovery brochure (PDF)


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