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Home / ACS Environmental Test Chambers / Anyvib™ Vibration Test Chamber

Anyvib™ is a new family of climatic chambers that can be interfaced with many various types of shakers for vertical, horizontal and tri-axial vibrations.

Features & Benefits:

  • Anyvib™ is the easiest way to combine any kind of shaker with an environmental test chamber.
  • Very easy operation: A worm screw type of lifting system allows to adapt the test cabinet to the shaker height. The movement can be set either from the touch-screen control panel on the chamber or from a remote control. It is also possible to add horizontal movement on request. This is especially valuable if your shaker allows both vertical and horizontal movement or if you want to use more shakers with the same chamber.
  • Great flexibility: Different removable floors, for vertical and horizontal Vibrations, can adapt the chamber to any existing standard shakers. If there is the need to use the chamber without the shaker in place, a plug is available to close the hole on the floor.
  • Standard models: The available volumes are 600, 1200 and 2200 litres (21, 42 and 78 cubic feet); the temperature range is from 70°C to 180°C, while the humidity range is from 10% to 98% (in the temperature range of +5°C/+95°C). No. 3 choices of temperature change rate are available: 5°C, 10°C or 15°C/min.
  • User friendly controls: The control system, based on PLC, has an easy to use colour touch-screen control panel (Keykratos®). The WinKratos® software, developed by Angelantoni, allows the PC control of the chamber.
  • Wide range of accessories: Besides the main accessories included in the basic configuration, Anyvib™ chambers can be equipped with several options to make them fit to customer specific needs.

Test cabinet movement can be set by:

The control panel located on the right side of the chamber

Download Anyvib™ brochure (PDF)


Or the remote control handheld by the operator



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